TMRA2 Update 23rd Anniversary and Membership Meeting

TMRA2 had our 23rd annual membership meeting at Hardtail’s outside of Austin on June 28th. With four District Advisor’s, three officer’s attending, and approximately 25 members the future of TMRA2 was discussed in detail. We had a prayer by Tom Zimmer, the pledge, treasurer’s report, then discussion’s.

The association has had a long 23 year run passing many motorcycle laws and killing many of the bad bills for the bikers of Texas. However, since Sputnik passed it has been increasingly hard to keep the association going both with officers to help out and financially. It was discussed that our Chairman is leaving for Europe, and the Secretary / Treasurer is working two other jobs at 60 hours a week leaving very little time to be at the capitol this session. I explained that I do not want to commit to going to the capitol when I am working two jobs and know from past experience that working the capitol is a full time job.

The chapters are also reporting low attendance and several of our District Advisors are working long hours as well. It was decided and voted on by both the District Advisor’s (Adam, Jack, Sandra, Jason), Officer’s (Jerry, Myself, and Paul), and the membership that TMRA2 will be closing our political door’s by the end of 2014 due to lack of interest, leadership, and finances.

We have been involved in a lot of good legislation passed just in the last four years that Sputnik has been gone. We carried the torch as long as we could and worked closely with the other rights groups in Texas who will now work the capitol in this upcoming session.

We also voted that each chapter needs to close their bank accounts, send the remaining funds with proof the accounts are closed to the state office asap so we can finish paying our debts. As soon as all the accounts are closed, we can tell the state of Texas we are no longer doing business.

I would like to thank all the TMRA2 Warriors who made this association work, many thanks to the TMRA2 Legislative Task Forces who worked the capitol with Sputnik and kicked some serious ass. To all of our financial supporters and chapters who did fundraisers for the cause. To all the members and supporter members, especially the ones who hung in there after we lost our great leader allowing us to continue.

The good news was, at the meeting, Paul Landers reported that the US Defender’s, COC, and the COIR will continue the legacy of walking and talking at the capitol and I have faith in them that they will succeed. They are working on several new bills that will be introduced. You can read about it by going to

I want everyone to know, Sputnik would be proud of us for going out as the best motorcycle rights organization in the country, for preserving his legacy, and for supporting the new groups who are working at the capitol in the future May the motorcycle rights work always continue one way or another. That’s the important part of all this, that we keep fighting and never give up.

God Bless the great state of Texas.

Ride Safe;
Terri Williams
TMRA2 Legislative Task Force
State Secretary/Treasurer

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NCOM Region 2 Meeting & Seminar

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